Released source & Mac OS X binary to test serial port and Vantage Pro basic connectivity.

After poking around a bit more, it seems that meteo issues a wakeup "command" to the station before every attempt to retrieve the current image. It goes something like this: That pretty much mimics the sample pesudo-code from Davis, which my stuff tries to mimic as well.

Within the bits of code that read data from the station, it seems that the meteo folks ran into the problem I'm seeing. They use signal-oriented watchdog timers around all of the reads. If any of them fail, it restarts the meteo process. Guess I wasn't exaggerating about how bad the serial interface is to this thing. I'll have to come up with a way of doing the same thing within a Cocoa-app. No wonder there aren't more projects around the Davis stuff. Perhaps the Java-based WeatherLink for OS X just does archive image downloads. I'll have to do some more poking.